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(featuring Laurie Anderson, Lou Reed, Casey Affleck, Michael Stipe, Kirsten Dunst, John Slattery, Talia Balsam, Jennifer Connelly, Paul Bettany and others).

Award winning filmmaker Rose Rosenblatt (The Education of Shelby Knox) teamed up with community members to create the video REALIZE HUDSON RISE. This video illuminates the history of recently restored Canal Park and the surrounding neighborhood, and warns that history is threatening to repeat itself with another failure of city planning that would devastate this community for generations to come. The video offers a solution exemplified by the AIA-award winning alternative design Hudson Rise, which will address city infrastructure needs and also usher in a sustainable urban future with green open space for all to enjoy.

The City wants you to believe that there's nothing particularly burdensome about a salt shed, or that it's just another new building. But the fact don't conform to what they say...and "5,000 tons" is a lot more trouble than they're admitting.


The City plans to build a 3-DISTRICT MEGA GARBAGE GARAGE, MAINTENANCE FACILITY and SALT PILE in our neighborhood. These facilities will stretch from Canal Street to three blocks north, and from Washington to West Streets. If built, the GARAGE will be 427,250 sq ft and will rise 138 feet high. It is exempt from all set-back requirements. This means that it will span practically from curb-to-curb, covering 2 full acres at 5x density!

But that’s not all...If the City wins...
• The Sanitation Department will store 34,000 gallons of volatile fuel in underground tanks several hundred feet from the Holland Tunnel.
• The Salt shed will hold 5,000 tons of corrosive salt -- that’s 8 million pounds!
• There will be more than 600+ daily garbage truck and Sanitation Dept. employee vehicle trips on local roads every single day.


HUDSON RISE, a 2.5 acre rooftop park, is the responsible alternative and the solution we need. Proposed by the community to be built on a human scale, HUDSON RISE would encompass a 2-District garbage facility to serve the West Village, Soho and Tribeca and incorporates lively public green space for residents and visitors that would improve safe access to beautiful Hudson River Park.

Realize Hudson Rise is a broadly based community effort aimed at preserving nearly 40 years of thoughtful, balanced urban development on the Lower West Side. Thanks to the collective efforts of two generations of New Yorkers, the lower west side waterfront from Battery Park City to Chelsea has been systematically reclaimed from the industrial ruin so common along America's oldest and most esteemed riverfronts. It has taken New Yorkers from all walks of life to bring this goal within reach: activists and politicians, residents and area businesses, federal, state and local government.

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Hudson Rise vs. Department of Sanitation (DSNY)

Hudson Rise vs. Department of Sanitation (DSNY)

DSNY PLAN: An Unfair Share

Violating the City Charter’s Fair Share requirement, NYC Dept. of Sanitation plans a 3-District, 138 ft. high Mega-Garbage Facility at Spring & Washington St., with a 10 million pound toxic salt shed across from historic Canal Park, a 34,000 gallon volatile fuel depot, 600+ one way sanitation vehicle trips, increasing traffic congestion and worsening air pollution in one of NYC’s worst air quality “hot spots”.

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THE COMMUNITY PLAN: More-Than-Fair-Share

HUDSON RISE is an AIA award-winning design incorporating a 75 ft. high, 2-District sanitation facility beneath a 2.5 acre, rooftop landscaped terrain, featuring playgrounds, picnic areas, botanical gardens, a swimming pool, ice skating, sculpture gardens, rock climbing, a café and safe pedestrian crossing to Pier 40 and the Hudson River Park, in a community with the 2nd lowest ratio of people to green space in NYC.

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